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Transport may be a headache if you do not know what is available. If you are spending a weekend in one of the major cities like Paris or Berlin, public transport is your best option. The problem is when you want to explore the countryside with a car. Where can you get the best value for money when it comes to rental cars?

The only website I use when I search for a rental car is Skyscanner. The website will provide you with the best option for all your needs.

Basic information

Rental car details

The very first thing you need to enter is where you want to pick up the car. Most of the time it will be at an airport. You also enter the dates when you want the car and when you plan to return it. All rental car companies will charge you per 24 hours, so keep it in mind when specifying the pickup and dropoff time.

rental car typeFilter your results

What makes Skyscanner powerful is the filters you can use to find the car that will suit your holiday. Are you looking for a small hatchback for two people with hand baggage when you will only use the car for the weekend? Or do you want a bigger car for the whole family as well as a place for all the luggage for a week-long vacation? You can easily select the filters you are looking for, and Skyscanner will then list all the available cars.

Extra stuff

There are also many extra things you can choose from. You can ask Skyscanner to list only cars that have an air conditioner or have an automatic gearbox. The options that I always choose, especially when I plan to visit a lot of places, are:

  • Unlimited distance
  • Free additional driver
  • Pick up at the airport

rental car features

Unlimited distance

When you are planning a tour throughout South Africa or you want to visit many towns across Europe, it is good to rent a car that does not limit you to a certain amount of kilometers. It’s good to know the distance you plan to drive before renting a car. Perhaps you can stay below the allowable distance and therefore the unlimited mileage option is not required.

Free additional driver

When the road gets long it’s always good to have someone with whom you can change seats. This option is once again worthwhile if you plan to spend long hours on the road. You can drive longer distances if there is someone who can take over and drive while you take a well-deserved rest. When there’s only one driver, you have to take more frequent breaks to make sure you’re fit to drive. The distance you can drive a day will also be less.

rental car pick upPick up at the airport

This is a great option to choose if you only have a limited amount of time in the country you visit. Most rental companies have offices at the airport arrival terminals and it is a good idea to pick up the car as soon as your flight has landed. Other options like a free shuttle bus that will drop you at your car somewhere outside the airport which will take considerably longer. The bus only departs at certain times and it may take a while before you arrive at your rental car. This also applies if you return the car at the end of your holiday. You will also have to add extra time to return the car. Picking up your car at the airport saves a lot of time and is very convenient.

Do you already use Skyscanner when you searched for a rental car? Which website do you use to find a cheap rental car? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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