Top free things to do in Barcelona Spain

The city of Barcelona is a top destination for many tourists. You can spend a whole week there and still not see everything that the city has to offer. You can even experience most of Barcelona for free. Here are the top free things to do while you are there!

Barcelona Park Guell

Park Guell

The iconic garden of Park Guell is one of the must see destinations when you visit Barcelona. You can visit the park for free as well as have it almost for yourself. You just need to be there before 08:00 in the morning.

Entrance to the park is charged from 08:00 in the morning and it can become quite busy during the day. If you want to take photos of the iconic mosaic dragon without any people in your photo, try and go as early as you can.

Barcelona Barceloneta beach

Barceloneta beach

Barcelona has more than 4km of sandy beaches close to the city centre. The most popular one is Barceloneta, as it is a quick 10 minute walk from the Bareceloneta metro station. Set a day aside to bask in the sun and swim in the warm waters.

If you are visiting Barcelona during the peak season and don’t like a crowded beach, try one of the beaches that are a bit further along the sea side.

Barcelona epic view

View of Barcelona

One of the best views you can get over Barcelona is just a 10 minute walk from Park Guell. After you have visited the park, make sure you go see this beautiful sight of the city. The MUHBA Turo de la Rovira is the restored site of an anti-aircraft battery and is open to the public. It is on top of a hill and the views of the surroundings are breath-taking. Make sure you take some pick-nick snacks with you to maximize your time there.

Barelona Arenas shopping cener

Arenas shopping mall

The Arenas shopping center was once a place where bull fighting took place. It has since been converted to a shopping mall and you can enjoy breath-taking views of the city from the top of the building. There is an elevator on the outside of the building that can take you to the top. Don’t take it, as they charge you for the service. Rather go inside and take the escalators all the way up – for free.

Barcelona museum

The Barcelona history museum can be entered for free every Sunday after 15:00. It is worth a visit as it tells the story of Barcelona when the Romans were still there.

The museum showcases old roman buildings and streets are where discovered underneath today’s existing buildings. Most of the descriptions are translated in English, but you can hire an audio guide in English at reception.

Old town walking tour

The best way to get a quick overview of the whole city, is to take a walking tour. You can join free walking tours and tip your tour leader if he or she did a good job, or you can take Rick Steves’s walking tour.

I prefer his walking tours as it is easily accessible from your phone, you can go through it at your own pace and it is always informative.

Barcelona harbour

Castell de Montjuic

Another view that I highly recommend is from Castell de Montjuic. You can walk around the castle to the side facing the sea. You will be able to see the whole harbour, populated with cruise ships and container ships. There are also benches that you can use to have a snack while you enjoy the sight.

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Have you visited one of the sites mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

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Free things to do Barcelona

4 thoughts on “Top free things to do in Barcelona Spain

  • Great timing! I am heading to Barcelona in November. Actually, I love this city so much that I have spent more than a month there over three different trips. I definitely agree with your suggestions and I think the best things to do in Barcelona are free :).

  • Thanks for a wonderful post! I never knew that most of these attractions were free of charge. Would love to check out the Barcelona Museum being a history buff.
    Although the three Gaudi’s are on my list, would’ve been great to know that they also allow free visit! Guess that’s just wishful thinking!

  • Barcelona is charming and if you can get to do so many activities free, it is great news. I would love to walk around in the old town and also catch the stunning views of the city. We love museums and it is great to know that museum in Barcelona can be visited without any charge.

  • I’m heading to Barcelona next week and I plan to visit each and every one of these places now that I’ve read your post. Since I love sightseeing (for free) this blog post got me very excited for what’s to come! I’m especially a fan of the viewpoints.

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