Tallinn, Estonia

We visited Tallinn, Estonia, as part of our two-week tour of the Baltic countries with Intrepid Travel. The city is small, but the two days we were there, was hopelessly too little to appreciate the city.

Tallinn’s old town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and one can see why. You get the feeling that you went back in time to the Middle Ages when you walk between all the old buildings and on the old city wall and look out over the city with all its old towers and churches.

There was not much time to explore, as we checked into our hotel quite late. We did visit a very good restaurant. The restaurant, Rataskaevu 16, is famous for their homemade bread. I can testify to that, the bread was excellent. We ordered the baked salmon and roasted pork tenderloin with lots of bread and salt butter and a glass of prosecco. Totally worth the visit. Make sure you eat there if you find yourself in Tallinn one day.

The next day we joined a walking tour of the old town, led by students studying at one of the many academic institutions in Tallinn. I recommend doing a walking tour, as you get a good overview of the most popular places in the town as well as some local titbits from the guide. The tour is free and you give a tip at the end, depending on how well the guide did in your opinion.

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We also climbed the St. Nicolas church tower for breathtaking views of the old town as well as the new town and the Baltic Sea. If it’s a nice day, you can even see Finland’s coast on the other side of the sea.

Coffee on the Tallinn wall

You can also climb the town wall, but it has an entrance fee. There is a café on the old town wall behind the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, where you can enjoy the coffee you’ve bought for free on the wall as you look out over the old town.

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Unfortunately, all the museums were closed because we were there over the weekend, but make sure you visit a few. A museum that you should not miss is the Raeapteek, the oldest pharmacy in Europe. The pharmacy opened its doors in 1422 and you can look at what they sold at that time. If you feel their concussions will not take away your headache, they also have paracetamol tablets.

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Have you visited Tallinn’s beautiful old town? What were your experiences and what can you recommend? Please share with us by posting comments below.

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